Brantford Research & Academic Centre East & West

Project Details

This construction was divided into two projects: Brantford Research & Academic (West) and Brantford Research & Academic (East). Brantford Research & Academic Building is part of the University Campus of Wilfred Laurier University, Waterloo. The building has been designed and constructed and was targeted for LEED Silver Certification. This building has 4 levels containing Lecture Hall, Book Storage, Offices, IT Rooms, Book Store, Student Lounge, Lobby, Meeting Rooms and Classrooms. The HVAC System was built to provide maximum possible energy efficiency and the budget limitation required the cost to be as low as possible. The building is multi-functional and its usage schedule for systems operation will be different. Certain spaces such as the IT Rooms will require year round cooling. To achieve better efficiency and operation of the HVAC systems, the building has been split in two major systems. All plumbing fixtures installed in the building are water efficient such as Instantaneous natural gas water heaters. Circulating pumps were also installed circulating the hot water to provide hot water at the faucets without wasting cold water.

Location: Brantford, Ontario
Client: Wilfred Laurier University

Engineer: Millennium Engineering

Project Duration: June 2009 – September 2010 (WEST), February 2010 – August 2011 (EAST)