McMaster Innovation Park – Phase 18

Project Details

McMaster Innovation Park is a multi-tenant building having over 200,000 square feet. This 5 storey building consists of laboratories, conference rooms, office space and concessions. L.J. Barton Mechanical installed a complete new energy conserving mechanical system including boilers, 110 – 4 pipe fan coils, chillers, cooling towers, washroom facilities and a grey water system. L.J. Barton Mechanical also completed several tenant renovations and improvements.

Location: Hamilton, ON
Client: McMaster Innovation Park
Contact: Zach Douglas
Phone: 905-667-5502
Fax: 905-667-5501

Engineer: Sandwell Consulting Engineers
Contact: Haitham Intowan
Phone: 905-319-1698
Fax: 905-319-1801

Project Duration: February 2008 – May 2009