Stone Road Chiller Gas Absorption

Project Details

Acting as Prime Contractor, L.J. Barton Mechanical was responsible for the complete scope of work for this Chiller Replacement project. This project took place within an occupied building and required close coordination between the owner, project management team and L.J. Barton. This project involved the demolition and replacement of existing gas-fired absorption chillers, heat exchangers, cooling tower and pumps along with all associated piping, electrical, testing, etc. Electrical scope of work included removal of all electrical connections for existing chiller equipment that was removed. Supply and installation of new transformers fed from main switchboard, power & control to new pumps c/w VFDs, Cooling Tower & all related equipment for chilling system. Install cable tray system on roof & inside building to house 1, 185m of teck cable. Coordination with Eaton for the re-conditioning the 1600A circuit breaker on the 13.8Kv Switchgear.

Location: Guelph, Ontario
Client: Ontario Government

Engineer: HH Angus & Associates

Project Duration: November 2015 – June 2016