Proudly serving Ontario since 1990

Established in 1990, L.J. Barton Mechanical Inc. has grown to be the ‘go to’ multi-trade contracting company in the communities and sectors we serve, delivering a standard of care and excellence, quality of work, and value that exceeds industry benchmarks and customer expectations.

Our hallmark is the quality of our people, the pride we take in our work, and the trust and respect we strive to earn every day from our customers and all those who deal with us.

L.J. Barton’s office and field personnel are highly motivated and very organized individuals who pursue work with a strong initiative. Throughout the projects, they have demonstrated a high level of commitment, timely responsiveness, the ability to meet deadlines and excellent workmanship on very involved and fast-tracked construction processes.

Bill Gargal, Contract Administration, Ellard-Willson Engineering Limited